Abdelouahid EZZARFI - Morocco

M. Ezzarfi holds a PhD in Atomic and Molecular Physics. Currently he is the Head of Division of Extra-University Research Coordination at the Directorate of scientific research and innovation (MESRSFC). He contributed actively in several European projects (M2ERA, MIRA, INCONET GCC, MOBILISE, ERANETMED, MonProG). He has been involved in many studies related to research and innovation management. For example, he conducted a study on patent and the inventive activities in Morocco (2004-2009), a study on venture capital and his contribution for the financing of innovative entreprises in Morocco, two studies on scientific research indicators in Morocco. Regarding the international cooperation, he contributed in a study on evaluation of scientific and technological cooperation between Morocco and the EU, and in preparing a report on indicators of international cooperation between Morocco and the EU. He was a member of the committee in charge of setting up the 8 Moroccan thematic focal point (NCP) for FP7. He was also a member of another committee in charge of negotiating the liberalization of services’ trade and the right of establishment between Morocco and the EU in the field of Higher Education and scientific Research.

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النشرة الإخبارية

الاشتراك في النشرة الإخبارية ليبقى على علم