5TOI NEXUS Think Tank in Venice

High-Level Stakeholder Consultation on Water, Food and Energy

It is our great pleasure to inform you all that the NEXUS Think Tank meeting will take place in Venice on October 24th, 2018 for discussing about energy water, food and their nexus.

The NEXUS Think Tank meeting facilitates close cooperation and intellectual exchange with a large number of experts from the academia, leading R&D institutions, government agencies the industry and civil society representatives.

It provides a discussion platform for PEOPLE working in the energy, water, food and NEXUS sectors to discuss urgent issues such as water scarcity, food security, rapidly increasing energy demand and their nexus as well as for identifying emerging technologies at hand to offer joint-measures to the Region.

The NEXUS Think Tank meeting defines regional monitoring socio-economic indicators, key policy papers and the shared Joint Action Plan for reinforcing regional cooperation in the coming years.

Key outputs and the meeting report will be shared and discussed with the main EU Institutions and distributed free of charge to all the interested subjects. We aim to give a voice to the EU’s SMEs and Innovation actors about relevant issues impacting on Euro-mediterranean growth and wellbeing.

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To know more about the  project visit  www.5toi.eu

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