5TOI_4EWAS at the PRIMA Stakeholders' Forum

April 23 -24, 2017 - Cairo (Egypt)

5TOI_4EWAS participates in the PRIMA Stakeholders' Forum to contribute to the Open Forum Discussion titled 'Knowledge Management System and Communication Strategy to avoid fragmentation in R&I and realise sustainable values of: Mutual Interest, Co-Ownership and Shared Benefits'

Innova BIC contribute to the Open Discussion on the importance of sharing knowledge within funded projects as well as broadening the communication platform with relevant stakeholders especially those from the Business Sector to bridge the gap between academia and the business sector at large.

Knowledge Management System and Communication Strategy (KMCS) is one of the important topics in the Agenda and a core issue to link the aspect of fragmented efforts in Research and Innovation to the discussion. Shedding light on the importance of creating a knowledge management system and enhance communications strategy to be able to contribute positively to the development motion of the Euro - Mediterranean Region and be able to enlarge the magnitude of funded project is one of the main objectives to be able to exploit available funding opportunities, create thematic clusters and networks within the Region.

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