Home to more than half of the world’s crude oil and more than a third of its natural gas reserves, the MENA region has, for the past fifty years, gained enormous significance as a global producer and exporter of energy. The MENA region is already a major energy consumer, and is forecast to continue to account, alongside Asia, for the majority of the world’s energy demand growth well into the 2030s; placing domestic energy policies at the heart of the region’s economic agendas for the coming decades.

The purpose of this Report is to assess Member States' progress in the promotion and use of renewable energy along the trajectory towards the 2020 targets and to report on the sustainability of biofuels and bioliquids consumed in the EU and the impacts of this consumption in accordance with the Directive1.

A large majority of MS reached or exceeded their 2011/2012 minimum trajectory in 2009 or 2010 already. Only Latvia, Malta, the Netherlands and the UK did not reach the 2011/2012 minimum trajectory in 2010, with for Malta, the Netherlands and the UK a significant gap still to fill.


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