Research and Innovation H2020 Champions - training and capacity building activities

The 5TOI_4EWAS Project’s evaluation committee composed of 5 involved partners: UAB, INNOLABS, INNOVABIC, GIRAF and MUAS concluded the evaluation of the applications were received from MPC institutions for the participation to the “Research and Innovation H2020 Champions” training and capacity building activities envisaged in the frame of the 5TOI_4EWAS project.

The selection followed the rules set by European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers[1] in addition to the internal regulations of 5TOI consortium.

The first selection has been performed by the MENA institutions via evaluation of the applicants’ different capacities by adopting a standard matrix.

The evaluation committee  has been in strong consideration the following points:

  1. Their familiarity with the topics pertaining to the 5TOI_4EWAS project as described in the iDocument of Work (DoW);
  2. Their achievement in nexus related fields research;
  3. They are representatives of entities considered as stakeholders.

By taking into consideration the diversity of the applications and the fact that the applications were received not from all the MPC countries targeted by 5TOI_4EWAS, the committee proclaimed to select 1 person with the highest score per country.

The list of the 1st round champions concluded with the award and the hosting institutions for secondments are:

1st round Nationality Host Institution
Mohamed Ahmed Wageih Mahmoud Egyptian UAB
Mohammed Garoum Morocco MUAS
Mongi Seffen Tunisian GIRAF
Abdelrahim Huways Libyan INNOLABS
Nawel Outili Algerian


According to the results, the 5 selected champions will start the 1st round secondment immediately in the hosting institutions. 5TOI consortium would like to keep your attention on the New 2nd round selection will follow in 2018. Stay tuned on our website and social network to know more!     [1]See the criteria here:
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