Study on the cooperation between higher education institutions and public and private organizations in Mediterranean Countries

Successful cooperation between higher education and the business sector bring substantial benefits to higher education institutions, their academics and students, as well as to companies, their staff, and to society as a whole. To get a better understanding of this cooperation and the potential barriers and key success factors  the consortium of the  Quintuple helix approach to targeted Open Innovation in Energy, Water, and Agriculture in the South  Mediterranean Neighborhood (5toi_4EWAS) European Union project has launched a study on cooperation between University, higher education institutions and public and private organizations.

As the head of your institution, your support and input is crucial to the success of this study. We are relying on your involvement and input in the distribution and completion of the online survey by (i) yourself on behalf of your organisation, (ii) academics and (iii) knowledge transfer professionals within your institution and (IV)  and high level officer in enterprises.

The survey  will help inform appropriate policy making aimed at improving future partnerships between higher education institutions and external organizations.

We kindly ask you to:

Complete the survey yourself on behalf of your institution at the following link  within 06/02/2017 [update : the survey will remain online and open until 6/03/2017]

Please, help to us to forward to the below key target actors :

  • to the researchers & lecturers (including professors) working within your institution encouraging them to complete the survey; and
  • to staff involved in knowledge commercialisation / transfer / valorisation working within, or for, your institution, and encourage them to complete the survey on behalf of your organisation
  • Executive Directors, CEO, COO, if Industry, SMEs (including Start-Ups and Spin-off)

The survey takes about 15 minutes to complete and all responses will remain anonymous.

The 5 toi_4EWAS sustained by European Union   thanks you for your support on this project

If you have any queries about the survey, please contact

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