Water Innovation Europe 2017

With the new WssTP Water Vision “The value of water” as its departure point, WssTP is setting up a compelling agenda for Water Innovation Europe 2017 conference, which is going to revolve around the theme 'The Value of Water: The case for Innovation & Investment in Water' on 14 and 15 June in Brussels.

Through a range of dynamic sessions, the two-day conference will showcase that pro-actively addressing key water challenges can create strong investment and market opportunities within and outside Europe.

In the context of WIE2017, the 2017 edition of WssTP Awards will, also, take place bringing to light new innovative water-related approaches, solutions, and technologies, supporting, this way, the implementation of the new WssTP Water Vision.

Further details at http://www.waterinnovationeurope.eu/ Follow us on @WaterIE2017
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