ALO Innovation e.K

ALO Innovation e.K. is an independent company with core expertise in business process analysis and optimization, management of international multilateral projects in the field of innovation. The company’s portfolio includes:

  • consulting services to businesses and academic institutions,
  • participation in the projects (i) as business analyst for process optimization, (ii) as management or dissemination/exploitation partner, (iii) training partner on Innovation and exploitation of research results/IPR,
  • design and implementation of Innovation-related processes and capacity building measures on organisational level.

5TOI Project Responsible

Dr. Andrea Loesch (MSc, PhD) is Managing Director at ALO Innovation e.K. Her main expertise is in the field of innovation and process management. Since 2007, when she started working at the European Research and Project Office GmbH, she has been in charge of various different EU-funded projects and trainings. As Head of Innovation Management at CeLTech/Saarland University, she became consultant to public and private sector organisations (VZS, Ministry of Law, regional SMEs etc.) on how to set-up their business processes to foster Innovation.

Contact details


Tel: +49 1577 350 6955

Mobile: +49 1577 350 6955

Skype address: aendy7


Franz-Schubert-Str. 20, D-66125 Saarbrücken, Germany

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