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INNOLABS Srl is a European consultancy company, based in Livorno, Italy, specialised in Innovation Consulting, especially in Management Innovation Strategy. It handles the management of commercialization of a group of excellent researchers located both in Italy and in Europe. With offices in Livorno and Brussels, and a network of partner companies and other organisations over the EU and beyond, operates on many levels (Technology Audit, IPR, Technology and Knowledge Transfer, Start-up and SME acceleration, Communication and Dissemination instruments for SMEs and Public sector). Its services include legibility assessment for Innovative products and process, the development of international and EU funding roadmaps, project ideas, project definition, planning, structuring and design, preparation of funding proposals.

5TOI Project Responsible

Dr. Ph. D. Nicola Tucci is Senior Governance, Legal and Environmental Policy Advisor and is actually working in public and private sector. He has more than 10 years experience as Project Manager with specialization in EU environmental and governance projects. Since 2010, Nicola is working with different companies as project manager in environmental and energy areas and is managing different FP7 and CIP projects in water and energy related fields in Europe and in MCP Countries (Palestine, Algeria and Libya). In 2011 Nicola started working with INNOLABS srl managing several projects in the same areas, in local development related fields and in Transfer of Knowledge for Public Administrations and Companies. Nicola is graduated in Political Science (2003), has a Master of Arts in Political Governance (2007) and a Ph. D. in Geopolitics (2008).

Contact details

Nicola Tucci

Tel: +39 0586.18.36.253

Mobile: +39 392.43.05.971

Skype address: nicola.tucci

Fax: +39 0586.18.31.161


Organisation address: Via Nicolodi 43/2 - 567121 Livorno (Italy)

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