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ITEMS International specialises in strategy, marketing, ICT architecture and international think-tank aspects in the area of ICT for public institutions and companies. Main areas of expertise: anticipating, analysing the impact of ICT (Telecom+Internet+TV+IT) and assisting public and private organisations. Particular focus in 2011-2016: Apps for Mobile services, Standardization, Internet governance, Big Data & Open Data, Smart Grids, Smart Cities, Innovation Management in IT. Activities: Market definition, market opportunities, organisation, conducting of strategic technological audits, due diligence, partner investigations, products and services analysis, business plans and local authorities ICT development strategies. Organising conferences in the field of ICT Technology and business.

Recent attention has been given to the area of Big Data and Smart Cities, including consulting assistance to private and public organisations in Europe, Latin America and China.

People: A mix of experts with international experiences in Technology, Sociology, Economy.

ITEMS International is an international consulting dedicated to delivering Information & Communication Technology (ICT) strategies.

ITEMS INTERNATIONAL organise the Global Forum/Shaping the Future, a think-tank which brings together high-level personalities, key economic players speaking on the issue of the development of the information society, bringing together key ICTs experts from across the world (more than 40 countries from all continents). The Global Forum takes place each year in a different place of the world (Belgium, Greece, Italy, Romania, USA…). The Global Forum allows ITEMS INTERNATIONAL to have an extensive network and close relationships around the world within industries, governments, civil society and universities.

5TOI Project Responsible

Chloé Friedlander is a graduate from Sciences Po in political sciences and international relations. She worked on several projects of empowerment and mobilization in public policies. She did particularly work for a local government and for a French Member of Parliament. For 3 years, she was responsible for public relations, communication, political events and contents creation.  After a specialization in digital public policies at the Ecole des Ponts, she joint ITEMS as a consultant on IoT and data topics. Since she arrived at ITEMS, she covers missions such as studies for national agencies, organisation of high-level conferences, and communication for experts in IoT, smart cities and energy. Responsible for the work package “Communication and Dissemination” of an FP7 project, she organized 3 euro-mediterranean experts events and manages a virtual think-tank of more than 2000 members. In the frame of another European project, she is launching an euro-mediterrannean think-tank network for food, energy and water research and innovation, putting together more than 30 experts from 25 countries through the creation of a collaborative platform.  She is also responsible of Living Things, a think-tank on IoT founded by Cap Digital and Systematic which are both major stakeholders in digital innovation.

Committed in thinking innovation and digital in public policies, she is a member of the Observatory of Local Innovation at the Fondation Jean Jaurès. This year, she started teaching at the Ecole des Ponts, offering a course on “Smart Cities and Communities, Lighthouse cities – H2020” for the “Integrated Urban Systems” Master. Additionally, Chloé Friedlander is fluent in English, Spanish, German and French (MT).

Sebastien Levy  is Vice President Global Forum/Shaping the Future, Partner ITEMS International & Administrator NUMA. He is senior consultant and associated partner of ITEMS International, a France-based consultancy. He is specialized in Information and Communication Technologies and has worked as an expert consultant and ICT advisor for various local governments in France and in Europe. He has also contributed to the development and deployment of several e-Government and e-Democracy applications and services. Being involved in multiple national and European ICT projects and studies focusing on ICT, Sébastien Lévy is working as an independent advisor on electronic voting for the French Ministry of the Interior from 2002 to 2010.  Since 2006, he has worked on the Living Labs concept & he is member of the Open Innovation Strategy & Policy Group initiated by the EC. Since 2014, he is member FITS (International Forum on Technology and Security for a Safer World), an association which aims notably with its scientific committee to reflect & animate a worldwide scientific exchange on the links between technology & security. FIT Salsa aims via the implementation of international forums dedicated to technology & security to anticipate on the international regulations rules which have to provide a framework for their usages. Sébastien is Vice President of E.N.S.A. (European Education New Society Association) since 1997.  Sébastien Lévy is also Vice President of the Global Forum.  Career Summary: Chemical Engineer; IBM Commercial Engineer; Data Manager of a Data Processing Service Company; 1973 - 1992: Vice President for Europe of the Edutronics Corporation US; President of Eduvision, a pioneer company and a French leader in Multimedia Development, Digital Image Expertise and Publisher of Educational Multimedia Supports. Since 1993: Information & Communication Technologies Expert-Consultant

Contact details

Chloé Friedlander

Tel:  +33 (0)1 43 38 62 62

Mobile: +33 6 75 58 83 65

Skype address: chloe.friedlander

Fax:  +33 (0)1 43 38 73 78


Organisation address: ITEMS International, 70 rue Amelot -75011 Paris

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