Association R&D MAROC – Morocco

R&D Maroc was established on March 12, 1997 by eight Moroccan enterprises, the Ministry of Higher Education and Research and the Ministry of Industry.  Nowadays, sixty other organisations are members of R&D Maroc: enterprises, national research centers, Ministry of Agriculture. It was recognised as a public utility by Moroccan government since April 12, 2001.

The Main objectives are Contribute to develop Moroccan’s innovation system to promote and support innovation for national competitiveness and foster innovation and research developpement. Also attract, draw talents and grants at   national and foreign levels to finance research developpement and innovation activities

Main realizations:

  • Strategy for building up  an effective national innovation ecosystem:
  • Moroccan national innovation indicators survey
  • Technical & Financial Support to R&D/I projects
  • Promoting incubators to generate innovative business from research
  • The Research , Innovation and Technology Exhibition
  • The National Innovation Awards
  • Strategy for up grading  innovation capability
  • Organisation of colloquiums, round tables, study tours on innovative business,  and other innovation events
  • Innovation business net work:
  • Management of delegated projects and programmes
  • Coordinator and partners of the European projects (FP7, H2020) : M2ERA, MOBILISE, MAGHRENOV, 5 TOI-EWAS

5TOI Project Responsible

Abdelhak CHAIBI. Project Manager. Project leader within R&D Maroc. Doctor of Genious of the Industrial Processes (GPI) of the University of Technology of Compiegne (France) (1993). Since 2000, at R&D Maroc, whose general mission is to initiate, promote and instigate the innovation and the R&D in particular in the national productive sector. Chief of great projects which aim at facilitating the transfer and the synergy of technology between the companies, the laboratories of R&D and institutions of research. Member of RDT (Technological Network of Diffusion) and technological speaker. Management and Coordinator of the Europeans Projects (M2ERA, MOBILISE, and MAGHRENOV).

 Mohamed SMANI: Director. Mohamed SMANI has 27 years of experience in the phosphate industry. He directs a staff of 165 persons committed to managing research, innovation and development in phosphate industry. During the last ten years he was engaged as the director of R&D Maroc. During the last ten years he was engaged as the director of R&D Maroc, a Moroccan NGO, where the major public and private actors aims to improve R&D and innovation as a driving force to the competitiveness and growth of Moroccan enterprises and facilitate technology transfer between companies , R&D laboratories and research institutions.

Mohamed SMANI has a "licence" degree, an engineering degree and a "Doctorat d'Etat" in physical chemistry from the University of NANCY - FRANCE

Contact details

CHAIBI Abdelhak

Tel: +212 5 22 22 44 66 /5 22 22 54 53

Mobile:+212 661786043

Skype address: abdel.chaibi11

Fax: +212 5 22 22 55 59


Organisation address: R&D Maroc, place 16 novembre, Immeuble Habous, Porte A -5ème étage n°51 -20 080 Casablanca (Maroc)-

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