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The Academy of Scientific Research and Technology (ASRT) is a national authority that provides a public service by ensuring independent, unbiased assessments of the sciences. ASRT is an organization of 1700 permanent employees that operates through several premises allover Egypt with its Headquarter in Cairo. ASRT is the executive arm of the Egyptian Ministry of Scientific Research with respect to the design and implementation of national programs, designing national STI strategies and roadmaps. It is the house of expertise, which brings together outstanding Egyptian scientists and experts from universities, research institutions, private sector, NGOs, policymakers and prominent Egyptian scientists in Diaspora, to deliberate country problems, propose and carry out scientific studies and strategic plans to tackle these problems. ASRT hosts and coordinates the Egyptian Sectorial STI Councils, implementing strategic analysis, foresight, and intelligence creation including intelligence synergistic information system (ISIS). The councils consist of sectorial groups of eminent professors in various fields. Roles and responsibilities of those Councils include defining Egyptian scientific research Priorities, challenges, strategies and roadmaps. ASRT has within its structure the national patent office, the national innovation and invention development agency, national STI studies’ unit, and the national IPR helpdesk.  ASRT coordinates the national network of Technology Transfer and Innovation, A funded ASRT network of 35 institutions including industry, Universities and different Ministries. ASRT has a wide geographical coverage in Egypt with more than 7 regional centers located in different locations in Egypt. These regional centers provide R&D services and technological solutions to its region in addition to extending basic functions of ASRT to the surrounding community. ASRT hosts and coordinates the UNESCO regional center for bioethics and ethics in Science & Technology. ASRT is responsible for updating and managing STI databases in Egypt including databases of experts, expatriates, competencies’ centers, bibliographic and non-bibliographic databases. Moreover, ASRT is the main provider of S&T informatics’ services, serving the national network of universities with high Internet bandwidth that foster high technology joint applications and boost the speed of data transfer with thousands of research centers across the world. That has been realized through linking the Egyptian research community to GEANT-the global education and research network- and the USA-based GLORIAD (Global Ring for Advanced Applications Development). ASRT is also founding member of Arab states Research & Education Network (ASREN).

5TOI project responsible

Dr.Amr Radwan. He has a pharmacology background with industrial R&D experience. He is currently the Head of Research & Innovation Management Department at the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology in Egypt. He leads the national science policy research team and coordinates the Innovation clusters program in Egypt in addition to several technological development programs. He has published, edited and authored numerous studies, reports and strategies on topics including science policy, research and innovation management, and science communication. As an independent expert, he served as a consultant at many international and regional organizations. He founded the Arab regional center of bioethics, in cooperation with UNESCO. Over the past 10 years and through numerous international Research programs, He has managed 5 collaborative projects and participated in more than 20 EU funded projects.

Prof. Mahmoud Sakr. He has been the Head of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology Division at the national research center in Egypt before he has been appointed as the executive director of Science, Technology and Development Fund in Egypt. He is currently the President of the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology/Ministry of scientific research in Egypt. He has been awarded many national awards including the State Prize for scientific encouragement in advanced biotechnology. He is member of several strategic committees and board of directors in many research institutions and He has managed many national and multinational competitive projects.

Contact details

Dr.Amr Radwan

Tel: +20227920126

Fax: +20227947807

Mobile: +201225643263


Skype: Amr_Radwan2

Address: 101 Kasr Al-Aini Street, 12th floor, 11516, Cairo, Egypt


EU-Egypt STI cooperation website:

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