Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission – Palestine

The Accreditation and Quality Assurance Commission was established in 2002 as a semiautonomous body. Since then, AQAC is the only official body authorized to license HEIs and accredit their educational programs in Palestine. The Commission has a number of important steps towards the institutionalization of licensure and accreditation, including in addition to networking with similar Commissions, developing manuals and instructions for the licensure and accreditation and taking the initiative in spreading the culture of quality in higher education institutions. The head of AQAC is responsible for managing, planning, developing, implementing and coordinating all operational activities and related resources of AQAC and has a commission council formed upon the endorsement of the Council of Ministers. AQAC's council is composed of up to fifteen members of academics, professionals, and representatives of the public sector with the experienced and knowledgeable in the evaluation processes to ensure the quality of higher education in its various disciplines. This comprehensive manual presents AQAC's policies, procedures, and standards for the development of higher education and improving the quality of its output, The manual is designed to fit with the current and future functions of AQAC in a harmonized and streamlined modality making it functions smoothly and effectively, and to strengthen the capacity of institutions of higher education to improve and to become a pioneer national commission entrusted with enhancing the quality of the higher education and promoting innovative learning in the higher education institutions to enable students to receive quality education in line with best standards in quality and performance. To develop higher education inputs and outputs. AQAC seeks to continuously serve the public by advancing the quality of higher education in Palestine by devoting efforts to the development of a comprehensive system of high quality internationally recognized standards, supporting and enhancing continuous self-assessment and improvement of HEIs, increasing citizens’ access to information and promoting culture of quality; while adhering to the principles of independence, equity, transparency and accountability.

5TOI Project Responsible

Prof. Mohammed Alsubu'. The overall management of AQAC, and coordinate all projects, workshops, and conferences related to QA enhancement in Palestine

Contact details

Prof. Mohammed Alsubu'

Tel: +972 592 960231/+970 2 2980140


Skype address:



Organisation address: Almasyoun, Ramallah, 576- Palestine


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