Agence Nationale de Protection de l'Environnement - Tunisia

The National Agency of Environment Protection is created by the Law N° 88-91 (Aug 2, 1988), this Agency constitutes the main structure for the conception and implementation of general policies concerning the fight against pollution and environmental protection. Its main responsibility is to: 1) Participate in the development of the general policy of the Government in the fight against pollution and environmental protection, and its implementation through specific actions and sectoral and global actions in the context the National Development Plan. 2) Provide competent authorities with any measure of a general nature or specific and designed to ensure the implementation of state policy in the fight against pollution and environmental protection, including measures to ensure preservation of the environment and to strengthen mechanisms that lead to, and generally to provide preventive measures and risk of natural disasters or industrial. 3) Fight against all sources of pollution and nuisance and against all forms of environmental degradation. 4) Process of applications for approval of investment in any project to contribute to the fight against pollution and environmental protection. 5) Control of pollutants and waste treatment facilities of such discharges. 6) Monitor in collaboration with other departments of the evolution of scientific technical or economic research that interests to the environment. 7) Promote of any training, education, study and research in the fight against pollution and environmental protection. 8) Manage of the Anti-pollution Investment (FODEP). 9) Grant of technical agreement to antipollution projects as well as the necessary actions to ensure that they benefit from the financial and fiscal advantages foreseen by the law. 10) Watch air quality and its impact on the environment, and establishing a national network for air quality follow-up. 11) Prepare air quality preservation plans for urban built-up areas. 12) The NEPA is also responsible for following-up the implementation of Basel, Montreal and Barcelona Conventions.

5TOI Project Responsible

Slim Daoud. Master in « environmental law and urban planning»  Faculty of Judicial and, Political Sciences in Tunis, Tunisia. January 2015 Director deputy  of legal affairs/Main activities and responsibilities: participate in the development of legislation and regulations relating  to the environment; prepare contracts concluded between ANPE and third -monitoring reports transmitted to the territorially competent state prosecutor; preparation the agreements of settlement between the ANPE and offenders of environmental legislation; provide advice on legal and regulatory texts relating to the environment (ratification of international conventions, laws, decrees, and orders); monitoring of the Commissioner's reports of external auditors and regulatory bodies; participate with government agencies in the preparation of national standards for the protection of the environment.  February 2013 responsible for the of administrative affairs / Main activities and responsibilities:  all matters regarding the employees of ANPE.  May 2013 responsible for information and access to administrative documents / Main activities and responsibilities: all requests from citizens regarding the access to administrative documents; October 2013: Project responsible of the « Fostering Partnerships For The Implementation Of Best Available Technologies For Water Treatment & Management In  The Mediterranean (FP4BATIW 2013-2016) »; Mother tongue: Arabic. Other languages : French & English. President of the association of the ANPE employees.

Anis Ennajah. Master in « Life and Earth Sciences » – Faculty of Science of Tunis –University of Tunis El Manar I, Tunisia. In 2016 expert Controller at National Agency of Environmental Protection at Manouba Governorate. From 2012 to 2015 expert Controller at Ariana Governorate; From 2009 to 2011  expert Controller at Ben Arous Governorate. Main activities and responsibilities: control of industrial companies inside and outside industrial zones; survey of the various artisanal activities and services according to the administrative partition; follow-up agreements of industrial companies with ANPE and the study of environmental influences. Mother tongue : Arabic. Other languages : French & English

Contact details

Slim Daoud

Tel: +216 71 233 600

Mobile: +216 99 99 94 03

Skype address: slimdaoudfp

Fax : +216 71 232 811

E-mail :

Organisation address : Centre Urbain Nord,15 Rue 7051, Cité Essalem, 2080, Tunis-Tunisie

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