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The  Energy Research Centre (ERC) was established in 1996 by a decision of the Board of Trustees of An Najah National University (ANNU). This research centre is concerned with, research, development, system design, feasibility studies and training in all conventional and  renewable energy fields, energy management and energy conservation. In early 2000 the scope of the centre was expanded to encompass the impacts of energy on global environment, health and social development.

The research team of  ERC consists of high accredited specialized experts in the various mentioned fields, mostly professors at An Najah National University. The know how and experiences of the team are diversified and covers most areas of electric power systems, energy management, energy efficiency , renewable energy and global environment. Therefore, this centre is unique in Palestine and can be considered as a qualified centre of high potential.

5TOI Project Responsible

Dr. Imad Ibrik. He has a doctorate degree of electrical engineering  from Vinnitsa State Technical University in  Ukraine , with a specialization in power system  engineering and planning. Dr. Imad Ibrik  is currently the director of the Energy Research Centre , an associate professor at An-Najah National University in Nablus, Palestine, as well as a consultant. Dr. Imad Ibrik is an expert in the area of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy . He managed and conducted several projects in these fields, and conducted training programs for the energy efficiency and renewable energy applications . Dr. Imad Ibrik  has 20  years of experience in various areas of power system  engineering and its sub sectors (design of electrical part stations and substations, electrical installation, energy management , economics of energy, solar and wind sources and energy audits.) and he is electrical  engineering in professional experience teaching, and research. He taught several undergraduate and graduate courses in power  engineering at universities in the Ukraine , Berzait, and An-Najah in Palestine. He also conducted several research projects for the  An-Najah National University.

Contact details

Imad Ibrik

Tel: 0097092345113

Mobile: 00970599275292

 Skype address: imad-ibrik

Fax: 0097092345892


Organisation address:  An-Najah National University- Energy Research Centre, Nablus-West Bank - P.O.Box 7


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