Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique d’Algerie – Algeria

The National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria (INRAA) is a public research institution, founded in April 1966, and affiliated to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR).

In accordance with its national mandate INRAA is responsible for:

  • The contribution to the development of research programs and the definition of the mechanisms and procedures for their implementation,
  • The implementation of research and experimentation within its fields of competence,
  • The coordination of agricultural research activities in collaboration with NARS,
  • Participation in the development of training programs for researchers,
  • The promotion and exploitation of results of research and disseminate them to the benefit of economic actors and farms.

The activities of INRAA are embedded mainly in the following fields:

  • Knowledge and understanding of the physical environment,
  • Development and improvement of field crops,
  • Development and improvement of animal production,
  • Agrifood technology research (Preservation, processing of agricultural products and improving their quality),
  • Biotechnology applied to agriculture,
  • Economics and sociology of agriculture and rural development,
  • Ecology and environment in relation to agricultural research.

For the implementation of its activities INRAA has an annual budget of 6.5 million Euros (2013) and a significant budget for equipment for a total staff of 600 people, among which 200 are researchers. INRAA is organized into research divisions and research units positioned in research stations, all coordinated by a central administrative unit (INRAA Headquarter).

During the last 5 years INRAA has developed many national and international programs in the agricultural related fields. Many of these projects have allowed INRAA to acquire a leading position in the area and a great expertise in terms of research project management in Algeria. As a result INRAA has been appointed as focal point for managing research programs in collaboration with the Ministries of Agriculture and Higher Education and Scientific Research (A set of 40 projects performed or/and monitored for a budget of 1,6 million Euros). Internationally, INRAA develops an intense cooperation activity, both multilateral and bilateral, with R & D organizations. Thus, during 2010-2016 period, the INRAA is involved in 35 international projects performed in multilateral frameworks (European Union, International Agency for Atomic Energy, African Union, NEPAD, ICARDA, FAO, UNDP) and in bilateral frameworks (China, South Korea, Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco). The research devoted to economic and rural development as well as the development of sustainable agriculture represents 31% of research projects conducted at the international level. Furthermore INRAA has a significant experience in FP 7 and H 2020 and other UE programs: Involvement into two funded projects (FAWIRA, CINEA, 5TOI4EWAS) and seven submitted projects since 2011.


5TOI Project Responsible

Mr. FERRAH ALI. Agricultural economics Division. Areas of Competence: Institutional and socioeconomic participatory diagnosis; agrifood chain analysis, agricultural biodiversity management, NGO and rural organization diagnosis Senior Researcher, Agricultural Economist, Agricultural and Rural Economics, 25 years’ experience, specializing in supporting the creation of small rural businesses specifically dedicated to small farms. Several studies on the management of agricultural biodiversity (capacity building) in relation to sustainable rural development in Algeria. Implementation of activities related to the development of associations and rural organizations (Both in Algeria and North Africa). Proven experience in the implementation of international cooperation projects (EU, UNDP/GEF, FAO, African Union...etc.), involved in the coordination and implementation of two FP 7 projects. Planning INRAA's research programs.


Mr. AIT OUBELLI M’HAMED. Specialist in economy of agriculture and rural development, 25 years’ experience, specializing in supporting the creation of small rural businesses specifically dedicated to small farms and SMs. Activities on the development of rural cooperatives and actor in solidarity associations in favor of the poor in rural areas (Project Manager for Rural Development). Areas of Competence: Management of rural development projects. Institutional diagnosis. Socioeconomic participatory diagnosis. Conflict management. Rural Development. Agricultural Policy Analysis. Food chain analysis.

Contact details

Ferrah Ali

Tél: + 213 (0) 23 82 85 64

Fax: + 213 (0) 23 82 85 63

Phone (Mobile) : + 213 552 303 756

Skype : webferrat

Email :

Address: Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique. Alger.

02, Avenue des Frères Ouaddek, BP 200- El Harrach- Alger, Algérie


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