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National Research Center (NRC) is the largest multidisciplinary R&D center in Egypt devoted to basic and applied research within the major fields of interest. NRC was established as an independent public organization in1956, with the aim "to foster basic and applied scientific research, particularly in industry, agriculture, public health and other sectors of national economy". It is the largest of all institutions affiliated to the ministry of Scientific Research and employs about 60%of all scientists working in these institutions.

  • NRC Possesses an impressive scientific & technological infrastructure and man power resources of 4847 research staff.
  • NRC Consists of 14 divisions and 111 departments covering the major areas of industry, health, environment, agriculture, basic sciences and engineering.
  • NRC Is headed by a president with ministerial status, assisted by two vice presidents, one for research and the other for technical affairs. The minister of state for Scientific Research is the higher president of NRC.

The NRC has to correspond to the country's key production and services sectors through the research conducted in different areas of science and technology, scientific consultation and training as well.

NRC mission is to conduct basic and applied research within the major fields of interest in order to develop production and services sectors

Solar Energy Department

Solar Energy Department is belonging to Engineering Research Division. It has 5 Research Groups:

- Solar heating group. - Solar cooling group. - Solar drying and cooking group. - Solar water disinfection and desalination group. - Solar electrical applications and tracking systems group.

Its main important objectives which enable it to treat the energy problems:

  • Conduct applied researches in the field of solar energy to choose the most appropriate ones, which suit the operating conditions and applications in Egyptian society.
  • Great interest of basic sciences to produce simulation program that used for prediction the systems performance.
  • Transfer of international advanced technologies and modern researches in the field of solar energy and adapting it for use in the local applications.
  • Utilization of solar energy as an alternative of conventional energy in energy conservation programs.
  • Preparation of technical staff at the scientific and technical levels in the field of solar energy.
  • Providing design, construction supervision engineering consultation services for all solar energy projects.
  • Performing a comprehensive training coursed in the field of solar energy applications through ISO certified professional training center.

5TOI Project Responsible

Dr. Hamdy has an extensive experience in the field of mechanical engineering for 30 years either academically or professionally. His fields of interests cover the following; Renewable Energy (Solar energy applications) and Mechanical Engineering (Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer, thermodynamics, Green House Effect, Global warming, and Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems). Awarded his Doctoral Degree from Mechanical Power Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan (March 2000) in the field of solar energy. Dr. Hamdy is certified as Solar Energy and Renewable Energy Consultant Engineer from Egyptian Engineering Syndicate (1370/3). Participating in several solar energy engineering services through the Engineering Development and Consultancy Unit, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt in the field of since 1991 till now. Deputy Head of Integrated Consultancy of Environment & Solar Energy Unit, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt since 2014 till now. Head of Solar Energy Department, National Research Centre, Giza, Egypt since 2011 till now. Participating in several solar energy training courses for African Countries. Professionally, he is an electromechanical designer and reviewer for HVAC and solar energy systems of several projects in Egypt, KSA, and UAE. Academically, he is recognized both internationally and nationally in the area of solar energy applications. He is the author of 25 scientific research articles published in leading international journals and 8 scientific research articles published in international and national conferences. Egyptian Partner of MARE Project, funded from European Commission FP7 (INCO - 9/2013 - 2016) under grant agreement 609554.

Contact details


Tel: 202 43112124

Mobile: 202 01226580405

Skype address: hamdy.elghetany

Fax: 202 33370931


Organization address: National Research Centre, Solar Energy Dept., 33 El-Behoose St., Dokki, Giza, Egypt.

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