University Engineering Consulting Office – Libya

The University Engineering Consulting Office (UECO) was established in accordance with the General People's Committee decrees numbers 378/1986  and 15/1988 and decree number 703 issued by the secretary of the  general people's Committee for education and Scientific Research. UECO is an administratively and financialy independent research and consulting institution affiliated with Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

UECO is uniqely qualified to conduct its activities because of its full access to the University of Tripoli's distinguished and mult-disciplined pool of professors with both academic and practical experiences and will equipped laboratories along with full-time staff including researchers, engineers and technicians. UECO is also tied through several technical cooperation agreements with other public and private sector institutions involved in similar engineering activities in order provide optimum engineering solutions to continuing professional challenges.

Among the strategic objectives of UECO are:

  • To paticipate in and contribute to the overall scientific and technical development of the different fields of engineering profession.
  • To disseminate scientific engineering and technical knowledge.
  • To perticipate effectively in building national engineering capacities capable of addressing the country's developmental challenges.
  • To cooperate with other institutions in optimum alternatives for development.
  • Activate the role of the university as a consultative institution to the socity.


Project Responsible

Saleh Ali Sadeg, B Sc. , M. Sc and  Ph.D. in water resource engineering , Groundwater Geochemistry and Groundwater Modeling, 1997-Now  staff member in the Faculty of Engineering, Geological Eng. Dept. , 2001 – 2003 head of Geological Eng.Dept , 2004 – 2007 Chairman of Eng. Research & Cons. Office, University of Tripoli , 2009-2010 Dean of Faculty of Engineering.  Since 1997, Chairman and member of the organization committees of national and international workshops and conferences for water resources. 1996-1999, Coordinator of Seawater Intrusion study in the NW Libya. Active member of University Tempus Committee Since Dec.2010, Coordination of many Scientific International Cooperation programs, Working of HR Programs for engineers (2005-now), Organizes and coordinates international collaboration of UOT with other international universities. National coordinator of Water and Energy for Life in Libya (WELL), Libya.FP7 PROJECT. Jan. 2015 - now Head of Graduate office, Faculty of Engineering, UOT

Dr. sliman Ab Rekhibi, Chairman of the University Engineering Consulting Office and the head of the Mining Engineering Department. At University of Tripoli. Holding a PhD in mineral resources engineering from Nottingham University UK. Also the team leader for the project of Designing & Implementing Geographic Database for Mineral Resources in Libya conducted for the National Agency for Scientific Research. GIS unit coordinator in the third generation planning project for the Golf Region middle of Libya.


Contact Details:

  1. Salah Sadeg

Mobile: +218 91 2205181 / +218913187956

 Skype address: 1- saleh assadeg    &    2- SALEH SADEG (username)

 Fax       : +218214628391


 Organisation address: The University Engineering Consulting Office (UECO), university street. University of Tripoli,  Tripoli / Libya

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