Innova Business Innovation Centre – Italy

Innova BIC s.r.l ( was established in December 1994 on the initiative of DGXVI in the field of a Community programme actuating “European Centres of enterprise and innovation” (CEII or Business Innovation centre). Its shareholders are the Municipality of Messina, the University of Messina and the Provincial administration of Messina. Innova BIC is a full member of E.B.N. (European Business Innovation Centre Network) and member of Italian Confindustria, the Italian industry association. In 2002 it was certified ISO 9001 and in 2008 ISO 14001. Innova BIC represents the interface between productive and social world, local authorities and research institutions, facilitating dialogue and the impact on the area. In addition, it acts as link between the local context and local industries and the foreign markets, fostering the internationalization of the local economy and the attraction of investments. Innova BIC is an organization specialized in the technology transfer of clean technology and in the support of S&T policies, in particular in the Mediterranean Area. Innova BIC acts as an agency for the development of the territories through training, project management, strategic consultancy, etc. Innova BIC has an extensive background in European Programme on energy, water treatment and transport fields. In particular, in the FP7, it was project coordinator of ETRERA_2020 ( and partner in several projects, such as FP4BATIW project (, the BILAT EU-TUNISIA FETRIC (, FrontierCities project ( and relevant projects such as ERECI under EuropeAid  and CERTUS project by Intelligent Energy Efficiency Programme. Innova BIC is also involved in Regional and National Programmes aiming to enhance entrepreneurial skills and local development.

5TOI Project Responsible

Alberto SORACI. Mr. Soraci possesses more than 10 years of relevant experiences in the identification, initiation and development of both national and international projects. He has strong experience managing research cooperation, scientific development and technological innovation projects. Mr. Soraci also possesses extensive experience in the management complex projects and in evaluating projects in the R&D&I sectors both in Europe and abroad (including Egypt). He is qualified as an expert of technology transfer at the Polytechnic of Milan and Area Science Park of Trieste. Currently, Mr. Soraci stands as the President of the Technology Broker Italian Association. He also was a member of the advisory board of the University-Industry Interaction Conference 2013. Currently Mr. Soraci is member of the assessor’s team for the evaluation of R&DI projects in the framework of EU programmes.

Andreana Casaramona. Mrs. Casaramona is a senior consultant in the Technological Transfer & Enterprise Development Department at Innova BIC. She received her II Level University Master Degree in “Analysis and Management of Development Projects” in Milan. Since 2006, she has worked at Innova BIC srl. Mrs. Casaramona possesses more than 10 years of relevant experiences in European Programmes (FP7, Horizon 2020, CIP, EuropeAid, Life+, INTERREG IVC, COSME) Mrs. Casaramona has strong expertise on project management, technology transfer and entrepreneurship.

Contact details

Alberto Soraci

Tel: +39090716030

Mobile: +39 3470611030

Skype address: albertos4376

Fax: +39090669632


Address: Via La Farina n.17 , is. 278 – 98122 Messina, Italy


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