Call for “Research and Innovation H2020 Champions" - training and capacity building

Ten  participants from different MENA countries composted mainly by PhD students, researchers, professors, innovators and stakeholders (companies, public administrations and governments) that have a good scientific level and English language skills will be selected to participate in a traineeship in Europe, hosted by five EU partners.

Due to the foreseen program of the Training Courses, the selection will be primarily directed to scientific degrees. The hosting institutions will accept participants with a different degree but with a consistent and demonstrable experience in the topics of 5TOI_4EWAS project (water, energy, food and/or nexus related fields).The choice of the participants must be consistent with the objective of the same foreseen training courses which is to motivate and strengthen the collaboration of young researchers and companies to encourage applied research and innovation in the nexus related fields.

The main sources of participants to be selected to attend to the courses should come from MENA Consortium partners and from stakeholder entities such as:

  • MENA Ministries of Environment, Research and Enterprises;
  • National public agencies related to R&D (focused on nexus);
  • Universities, Research Centres and other Institutions involved in Water R&D and Innovation;
  • Nexus Industrial associations;
  • Large and Small Companies known to be involved in Nexus Research and innovation.

After approval of the selected candidates the successful participants will be distributed according to the following agenda of secondments:

  • 2 people will stay in UAB.
  • 2 people will stay in INNOLABS.
  • 2 people will stay in INNOVABIC.
  • 2 people will stay in GIRAF.
  • 2 people will stay in MUAS.

Participants will receive a contribution of 1500 Euro per each - plus a benefit for the accommodation -  for their secondments in Europe.

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