Francisco Javier LAFUENTE - Spain


Dr. Francisco Javier Sancho Lafuente, is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Engineering School at UAB. His research focuses on Biotechnology Environmental Engineering. He was Director of the Department of Chemical Engineering in 2004-2010. He is a member of various committees of evaluation (research projects and teaching staff). He is coordinator of the degree of Chemical Engineering.  He has participated in 25 competitive projects (Spanish and European) in the fields of biotechnology and especially the environment. He has participated in 48 R+D projects with companies and/or public administrations, being the principal investigator in 31. His research is focused on environmental engineering and more specifically in the design and use of biological systems for the treatment of liquid and gaseous effluents. As a result of this activity he has published over 110 articles indexed with over 1900 citations. He has participated in over 100 international conferences. He is the Director of Technology Center for Comprehensive Treatment of gaseous emissions, liquid effluents and solid waste (BIO-GLS), member of the Red TECNIO ACC1O. He is the Head of the research group treatment of liquid effluents and gaseous (GENOCOV). In 2009, He found with others professors and formers PhD students the company AERIS Tecnologías Ambientales. His main research areas are: Nutrient Removal of Municipal Wastewaters (Nitrogen removal Modelling & Control, Advanced monitoring & control, Phosphorous removal modelling, SBR, Respirometry); Biological Treatment of Industrial Wastewaters (High straight biological nitrogen removal, Inhibition monitoring & modelling, Coupling Advanced oxidation process & biological treatments, Advanced monitoring & control); Treatment of polluted gases (Jet-venture scrubber, Degradation of H2S & NH3, Degradation of VOC, Degradation of recalcitrant compounds).

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