Make sure we know you : update of MPC existing Observatories

5TOI_4EWAS is updating the Catalogue of Mediterranean Partner Countries Observatories on food energy, water and transversal issues. The last version was edited in 2012 by the EU Medspring project.
The first step of our work consisted in updating the existing list and information. Now, we want to make sure that we will collect an exhaustive list of Observatories. So we are calling all mediterranean organizations to fill our form (below) helping us to collect new information.
Our work will also give an updated look into the dynamics of the observatories in the MPC comparing the evolution of their establishment, mission, data collection processes,... ). This is a continuous work, contributions are welcome during the whole project duration.
The list of Observatories will be available on our website as well as on Google Maps considering that this project is funded by the European Union and so, the knowledge produced should be as disseminated as possible.
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