Mamoun Muhammed- Sweden

Prof. Mamoun Muhammed

Professor and Head of Materials Chemistry Division Royal Institute of Technology, SE-100 44 Stockholm, Sweden. Prof. Mamoun co-authored Nanophase catalytic oxides: I. Synthesis of doped cerium oxides as oxygen storage promoters, Synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles with controlled morphology, Differences in the Magnetic Properties of Co, Fe, and Ni 250–300 nm Wide Nanowires Electrodeposited in Amorphous Alumina Templates, Processing of nanostructured WC-Co powder from precursor obtained by co-precipitation, and The Importance of an Endotoxin-Free Environment during the Production of Nanoparticles Used in Medical Applications. His patents include Conductive polymers containing zinc oxide particles as additives, Antistatic fibers, Topical ultra-violet radiation protectants, Method of making metal composite powder, Method of preparing powders for hard materials from cobalt salts and soluble tungstate salts, and Oxygen storage material, process for its preparation and its application in a catalyst.

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