Nexus Think Tank

The Nexus Think Tank - NTT-  is a network of experienced people, composed by experts from the public and private sectors. It discusses about relevant topics – in relation to social needs in water, food and energy sector - contributing to regional development that can be solved by Research and Innovation, also in relation to potential political and policies paths. The NTT is established by the 5TOI_4EWAS Consortium and it is structured into specific committees.

Its role is to identify 12 specific issues to be solved by bridging the gap between research and policy in public and private sectors within the water, energy and agriculture sectors (4 per topic), and 10 obstacles and provided solutions to favour strategic priority setting for international cooperation and produce and spread corresponding policy recommendations. These recommendations will be drawn considering the NEXUS approach especially:

  • Towards the EU policy instrument (neighbourhood and research and innovation policies),
  • Towards the regional governments to analyse the opportunities for a regional policy.

The NTT as a whole will be organised into 3 Thematic Areas (food, energy, water). The NTT sets priorities for the work agenda. It will select the issues and obstacles to be studied, semester after semester.

NTT composition

The NTT is composed by two groups of experts:

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