Christoforos PERAKIS - Greece

Dr. Perakis acquired his PhD in chemical thermodynamics from the National Technical University of Athens in 2007. From 2007 to 2009 he has worked for a private Greek company in the study and development of RE investment projects. Since 2009 he’s working at CRES as an Energy Expert.  Dr. Perakis has significant working experience in the European Southern Neighborhood area as he was the coordinator of the recent MARE FP7 project that aimed at fostering cooperation between Mediterranean countries for bridging the gap between research and innovation, and assistant project manager at the RESSOL-MEDBUILD FP7 project, which aimed at building capacities of two Mediterranean organizations, the National Energy Research Center (NERC) of Jordan and the Lebanese Association for Energy Saving & for Environment (ALMEE). He has also participated in the ENSIAP ENPI-CBC-MED project as a RE expert, where he collaborated with research institutions in Lebanon and Jordan for the installation of solar-pumping systems at agricultural farms and trained local stakeholders in solar PV technologies.

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