Imad IBRIK - Palestine

Dr. Imad Ibrik has a doctorate degree of electrical engineering from Vinnitsa State Technical University in Ukraine , with a specialization in power system engineering and planning. Dr. Imad Ibrik is currently the coordinator of EU projects at An-Najah National University , an associate professor at An-Najah National University in Nablus - Palestine, as well as a consultant. He is an expert in the area of research and innovation , quality assurance and technology transfer at An-Najah University. He has practical experience in implementation and installation different projects included managing and conducting projects for public and private agencies in the fields of engineering and management, project applications and design, network planning, economical and environmental impacts , master planning, quality control, and capacity building. Dr. Imad Ibrik has extensive experience in the use and application of computer programs in the field of system analyses . He also published several articles and papers in professional journals and conferences. He received several local awards for his work in research, teaching, and professional activities. I was local coordinator for many EU projects implemented in Mediterranean countries

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